Living the Secret

Escape. Danger. Secrets.

Ayden & Jayden’s perilous leap from Maple Community lands them in danger. Alone in a much larger world these twins aren’t prepared for the life-threatening dangers they suddenly face or the life-changing secrets revealed to them. Life is not what they expected.

Living the Secret, book two of the Adi’s World saga, continues the adventure. Brothers must unite and trust an inventive loner for survival. Learning their town’s secret changes their world and them.

Join Ayden and Jayden in their action-packed new life. Watch Adi’s tiny world grow and change.


Hardcover Print ISBN: (ISBN) 978-1-49086-388-7
Softcover Print ISBN: (ISBN) 978-1-49086-389-4
Ebook ISBN: (ISBN) 978-1-49086-387-0

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